600 ESPN Internship

This summer I participated in an summer internship for the 600 ESPN Radio Show in El Paso Texas.

There will be several posts that document my experience throughout my internship as well a a reflection with the STRIVE center at St. Mary’s University and my updated resume


Table of Contents

Post 1. PR #1

Post 2. PR #2

Post 3. PR #3

Post 4. STRIVE Reflection and Resume


PR #1

I began the internship last Tuesday and have now been there for a week. Having only been there a week, I have learned a lot about radio and how to produce a show. What I have done during this time is set up the show and how it will sound on the radio and I controlled the board that controls the show. I have also spoken on the show when the radio asked me a question and I was able to answer in on air. Learning so much in so little time makes me more excited for the rest of my internship and what I can do. Learning how to produce a show will help me in my future career because I must learn how the show works before I could ever be on the air. In the upcoming weeks of my internship I hope to learn more and be able to solely produce the show.

PR #2

Since the last progress report, there has been much improvement going into the internship. In these past few weeks Tawny has been producing the radio show through its entirety, and has spoken on the show about certain topics, including the MeToo Movement. When producing the show, she is in control of how the show works and how people will be able to hear the show from either their home or car. San Antonio Spurs player Danny Green was visiting for his basketball skills camp and he dropped by the show. The skills that have improved throughout the show is learning how to fully produce the show and learning to speak clear and effectively on the show. They can be integrated into what she has learned into future courses by being more assertive in the classroom and participate more. In these last few weeks of the internship she hopes to fully learn how to be a producer for the show and to speak even more about topics that are interesting on the show.

STRIVE Reflection and Resume

I believe that I have always know what I wanted to do with my life and how I plan to find work and internships. However, doing this Jobzology and looking at Rattler Careers, I believe I can focus more on what I want to do and how I can find the job to do it. Taking the assessments and choosing what I like and what I don’t like to do was pretty interesting because it showed me what I actually value in a workplace. My final results for my assessments actually were surprising to me. The results showed that I would most likely want to work in radio or television, which I what I am actually majoring in. What I learned from Tatiana is what the STRIVE center can do for me and my future career by showing me how I can use Rattler Careers to its fullest potential. She showed me how I can find future jobs and possible internships if I ever want or need to find one. She also showed me that available jobs and internships are not just limited to Texas, but throughout the country as well. I am thankful for Tatiana and what she has shown me and I plan on visiting the STRIVE center in the future to help prepare me for jobs and to help improve my resume. This whole process was very helpful ad I am looking forward to the rest f my college years and to my future career as well with the help of St. Mary’s and the STRIVE center.